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Crafted in the Heart of Milton

In 1870, Milton Distillery was founded using local molasses transported from Brisbane's cane fields and Australia's first rectifying pot stills. Nearly 150 years later, Milton Rum Distillery has reawakened using the original rum making process combined with modern techniques to create a new generation of rum.

Our Distillery

In 1870, William Samwell founded the first rum distillery on Cribb St, Milton. Using the latest technology of his time and his own craftsmanship, he designed Australia's first rectifying still and used one of the first retort pot stills. After winning first prize at the Intercolonial Exhibition in 1872, Milton Distillery gained international recognition.

In keeping with tradition, our Master Distiller, Alexander Bell, has designed and built his own retort and rectifying pot stills. He has blended these old-world techniques with the latest innovations in brewing and distilling to create his own unique, award-winning spirits.